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Robi digging buckets have been designed for heavy construction in more demanding excavating conditions. They are sturdy, economical buckets that provide increased production with less maintenance and downtime. Typical applications are heavy duty jobs with maximal wearing circumstances.


  • Wear resistant material
  • High quality steel is utilized in all high wear components. A rigid top section assures structural stability.
  • Buckets are designed with tapered side plates to reduce wear on the buckets sides, and to allow or
    easier dumping.
  • Deep profile for high capacity
  • Overlapping plate reduces stresses in critical areas.
  • Bottom wear straps using 400 HB to increase wear resistance
  • Extra high side plate give higher strength and wear resistance in high wear areas
  • Cutting edge using 500 HB for increased strength reinforcements in critical areas for maximum durability
  • Heavy-duty torque tube delivers maximum strength and eliminates corner cracks and top beam failures.
  • Wear parts easily replaceable

Technical specs

Type Adapter Volume, l Weight, kg
DB S30-2200l S30 2200 2603
DB S90-2500l S90 2500 2747