Sorting Buckets Robi SB

Robi sorting or skeleton buckets have been designed for rock digging environment for separating rock and debris, with a long back area for greater sieving efficiency. The idea is that stones remain in the bucket, while clay and sand fall through. Applications are rock digging, sorting rock types and debris, sorting earth and clay.


  • Wear resistant material
  • High quality steel is utilized in all high wear components. A rigid top section assures structural stability
  • Buckets are designed with tapered side plates to reduce wear on the buckets sides, and to allow for easier dumping
  • Deep profile for high capacity
  • Overlapping plate reduces stresses in critical areas
  • Reinforced grid design.

Technical specs

Type Adapter Volume, l Weight, kg
SB400801300300 S40 300 206
SB400801300300 S40 300 207
SB450801500400 S45 400 307
SB500801500400 S50 400 308
SB600801500550 S60 550 439
SB600801600750 S60 750 505