Ramtec product lines

Robi products are the answer to the needs of the demolition and recycling sectors. They bring innovative and up-to-date solutions to help the end user save time and cut costs considerably. In short, our starting point is to find and understand the needs of our customers and satisfy them.

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Robi products are attachments for excavators and wheel loaders. They are indispensable tools for any kind of demolition, sorting, screening, crushing and loading application. The Robi product family consists of demolition and handling grapples, screening buckets and crusher grapples. All of the equipment mentioned is suitable for use in the environmental sector as it can be used for sorting and recycling construction debris.


High quality wheel loader attachments available from Robi. Hytera equipments for wheel loaders and tractors are manufactured of high quality strong materials. The equipments are designed to fulfill demands for heavy professional use.

Gravel Buckets

High Tip Buckets

Light Material Buckets

Log Grapples

Snow Plows


Kenguru boom mounted compactor plates offer models suitable for a wide range of applications, from working in narrow trenches to large backfill operations and provide the most efficient means for vertical and inclined compaction.

Kenguru Compactors